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We love hearing the stories of mums who are balancing a busy home and work-life which is why we're so excited to kick start our Mum Boss interview series with Emily Roberts of @thelipstickfever and host of The Big Move podcast. 


Emily talks to us about the ups and downs of juggling motherhood with work and shares her top style and beauty tips for mums on the go. 

Q. We love the concept of The Big Move Podcast 'a motivating resource for women by women' - what have you learnt from the women that you have interviewed? It was inspired by your move from NYC to London - what prompted the move?

A. That's a great question - there is SO so much.  But if I were to look back at some of the reoccurring themes from guests and their success stories (especially from the last 2 years) a few things come to mind:  

1. How it's so important to continue to evolve, rethink things, and pivot.  Especially as we look at how covid has impacted each and every one of us and our jobs/businesses.  The world has changed so much and it's a great time to question how you run your current business, maybe change up jobs if you feel stagnant, and make a move in general.


2.  Self-care but more importantly here, how to take care of our mental health and our minds.  How to schedule in moments of quiet time (especially as moms which can feel near impossible), scheduling in creative time, time to think, time to do nothing!  More than ever before, it's so crucial to take special care of our mental spaces.  


3.  It takes courage and guts to take risks, to make moves. But those big decisions (when we say screw it and just go for it) - those moments define us and are worth it in the end.  My move from NYC to London was prompted by my partner's job change - we were not engaged at the time and I decided to follow him.  Fast forward 4 years and we have built a life and a family in London - we have just loved our experience living abroad as it's opened up our life and careers in some huge ways.

Q. How do you stay organised with work and family life alongside being a mum and running The Lipstick Fever?

A. This is a really great question and something I feel like I can do a better job on in 2022.  In a general sense, I have my to-do list and I'm just all about prioritisation now.  Family life creeps in so much especially as childcare and school schedules fall on me, so it feels like things just blend together on some days.  And on those days, I really just try to pick 1-2 priorities and figure out a way to get those things done whether it's during nap-time or when my husband gets home from work.  The days I have help, I am go go go - there's zero time for procrastination which I almost think in a way makes me more efficient!  When I'm with my son, I really try to compartmentalize and enjoy that time and be as present as possible, but I would be lying if I said I am always able to do this with so much going on.  Lists and my google calendar are my lifeline! 


Q. How do you manage to unwind and spend time for yourself?

A. The night time is my time to really unwind and slow down.  Our son is asleep by 7pm so we are lucky to have a night to ourselves.  In 2022 I would like to do a little less screen time/Netflix and more reading, meditating, and quiet things in the evening.  Usually what it looks like, however, is having dinner with my husband and catching up.  Last minute work and anything that needs to get done, and then it's couch time, reading, watching a show. I am in bed very early which really helps get through the weeks.  My phone is on do not disturb from 8:30pm onward so I try to limit any phone distractions from then on.


Q. What challenges did you face when dressing during your pregnancy and how did you overcome them?

A. Ah - lots of challenges dressing during pregnancy, so I am grateful for beautiful maternity lines like yours!!! I was pregnant 2 years ago, and even since then I feel like I've seen so much evolvement in the fashion space for pregnant women which is amazing.  I found it really hard to find fashionable brands and pieces that I would love to wear.  But the few that I did find I would wear constantly - I felt like I had a bit of a pregnancy uniform in my maternity leather leggings and oversized sweaters and baggier t-shirt tops.  I think the biggest challenge was finding variety in the things that I wanted to wear.  On the days I didn't feel like myself or love what I was wearing (because there were many) I would try to mix things up with jewellery, accessories, and of course a fun lip or eyeshadow - so I think small beauty tweaks with makeup can go a long way when you're pregnant and make you feel like you.


Q. Has becoming a mum changed the way you approach fashion and the way you dress?

A. For the most part I would say no - I was so happy to have my body back and have more freedom to go back to the way I was dressing pre-baby not to mention getting back in high-waisted jeans as those are my favourite to wear on a day to day basis. Of course your body changes and sizing might change, but getting back into normal jeans felt like everything!  I think one of the biggest things that has changed is the days where I'm running around with my son it's all about comfort.  So athleisure has become one of my main uniforms - athletic leggings with fun sweatshirts and quilted jackets for layering etc.  Sneakers are a must.  I can't really tell you the last time I wore heels.  I think perhaps my day to day style has become a bit more practical and comfy. But isn't that everyone during the last 2 years!


Q. Has becoming a mum changed the way you approach your work and your outlook on the industry?

A. In some ways absolutely - I have to really question any work opportunity that comes my way and prioritise more than ever before.  It has to make sense, it has to fit certain content themes and align with what I'm focused on at any given moment, and it does often come down to fees as I'm running a business.  Perhaps some of the things I used to say yes to without a doubt, I really have to rethink as it takes me away from my son, so things do just change!  But it forces you to work smarter.  In so many ways I think becoming a mother just makes you more efficient with your time.


Q. What is your key style tip for mums on the go?

A. When in doubt, an all black uniform can give you an instant chic look (while still remaining comfy) so often it's my high-waisted leggings with a big black sweater, quilted jacket, beanie, and my chunky black zara boots or new balance sneakers.  I love a baseball cap too so that's usually in the rotation.  I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe so lately that's what I've been trying to build out and it makes getting dressed as a mum really easy and fast. Everything goes together and can be swapped in and out.

Q. What is your quick makeup look or must have product for mums on the go?

A. Oh my favourite question!  My quick quick makeup look especially if I'm meeting a mum friend or something is my Laura Mercer tinted moisturiser, lately my Westman atelier bronzer stick and cheek/lip stick, brow gel from Glossier, Bobbi Brown smokey eye mascara, and then a bit of RMS glowy highlighter.  For that instant dewy glow!  And bonus tip: medik8 illuminating eye balm is such a winner to instantly awaken you.  Really all you need!  Oh and dry shampoo (I love klorane) because this hair is only washed a couple times a week! 

Q. You are sometimes required to travel in your profession, how do you manage this time away from home and your son? 


A. Since my son was born around the time of the first UK lockdown I really haven't had to travel too much for work over the last 2 years. But I would say there is a lot less of that in my life in general now - less in-person events and everything can really be done remote in terms of content and podcasting.  This makes it convenient but I do miss that part of the job.  I think I would tackle traveling how I do my work in general now.  By prioritising and maximising that time away as much as possible - everything just needs to make sense and be worth the time spent away from my son.  


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