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 Amalie Reedz-Thott,  Model, Founder of Nurture Vitaviva + Mum of two shares her views on holistic health and the importance behind finding the time to be your authentic self.

Q. What was the inspiration behind Nurture Vitaviva?

A. As a nurse holistic health has always interested me. I have always found supplements, tinctures, homeopathy and herbs very interesting. When I went through periods of stress I found a lot of healing in these categories and wanted to make a series of supplements that would help and nurture through the flow of life.

Q. Being a mum alongside a successful career as a Model and creator of Nurture Vitaviva how do you stay organised with work and family life?

A. I am still trying to figure out the work/momlife balance! Right now while my babies are small I dedicate my time to them and only work when the time allows. 

Q. How do you manage to unwind and spend time for yourself?

A. I try to be my authentic self - to create and study. Even though I spend a lot of time with my kids, that time for me is important.

Q. Has becoming a mum changed the way you approach fashion and the way you dress?

A. Yes, I love fewer but good quality items. Items that I can easily jump into, that are warm and comfy!

Q. What challenges have you faced when dressing during your pregnancies and how did you overcome them?

A. I loved dressing my pregnant body. An oversized t-shirt and  jeans did it for me. 

Q. How has this pregnancy differed from your last?

A. Every pregnancy is different.  I loved being pregnant however I had more worries the second time around (which is surprising as it's usually the opposite).  During my second pregnancy I calved out time to ground myself by meditation and created a space for myself and my thoughts alone.

Q. What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by mothers in the workplace?

A. Firstly the mom-brain is real.  And secondly your world is forever changed - you have a responsibility to take care of this new human and that depth of love that  your heart is opened up to is scary, vibrant and beautiful!

Q. What family traditions do you have?

A. My daughter and I love to shower together while listening to music. That's our time to connect just the two of us. 


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