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Five Hacks to Kick-start Your
Low Waste Parenting Journey

If, like us, you wrack your brains every year for something to commit to as a new years resolution, then look no further... We have five easy hacks to help kick start your journey for a lower waste pregnancy and tips to practice sustainability as a new parent without totally uprooting your life (it’s not as hard as it sounds, trust us!)

TIP ONE : Ditch the cheap, and invest in the essentials!

As your first pregnancy is filled with so much uncertainty, it's easy to get carried away and buy every single thing that the endless articles and Instagram posts tell you to. We’ve learnt from our own mistakes that you absolutely do not need to do this. So, when you’re down a rabbit hole and mindlessly adding stuff to your basket, take a moment to ask yourself, what is the lifespan of this item, does this item have multiple purposes, do I really need this.

When preparing for the arrival of your little ones, speaking to girlfriends or family members who have had babies can be helpful in finding out what is essential and what isn’t. And creating an online wish list for your baby shower is a great idea to ensure you don’t get gifted unnecessary items or the same thing three times over. Finally, anything you don’t have when the baby arrives, can always be purchased online with next day delivery so you can relax in the knowledge that you don’t need to buy everything in advance. 

TIP TWO : Invest in the right maternity clothes.

When buying maternity clothes, we found that investing in good quality staples was the first step. Here, at Nine the Label, we have thoughtfully created our collection with pieces that will evolve with your changing body pre, during and post pregnancy. We’re proud of our designs which we hope will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. 

Check out our AW21 collection here.



TIP THREE : Wash your clothes on cooler temperatures.

Washing your clothes on cooler temperatures not only uses less energy, but also means yours and your baby’s clothes will last longer. (For more tips on how to care for your clothes, read our 'How to care for your Knitwear' blog here.


TIP FOUR : Reusable nappies.

This is one we find parents usually screw their faces up at, but hear us out - the UK alone disposes of around 3 billion disposable nappies every year, that amounts to 3% of all household waste - a staggering amount.

Whilst the initial investment for reusable nappies is more than disposable nappies, you make your money back very quickly and you can keep them to use for all of your babies - making for a healthier planet and a healthier bank balance.  

For us, the benefits far outweigh the negatives: you save a lot of money in the longer term, you never have to make a mad dash to the supermarket at 11pm because you’ve run out, they are far less likely to give your baby a nappy rash and they really aren’t as overwhelming to use (and clean) as you’d think. We’d also recommend buying re-usable clothes and breast pads too!

TIP FIVE : Recycled baby clothes.

As much as we all love going shopping for those gorgeous, newborn outfits, it is extremely easy to get excited and go a little overboard. Before you know it, you’ve spent a huge amount of money on a load of beautiful clothes that will never be worn.

Babies grow so quickly that something that fits them one week, will be bursting at the seams the next which is why it’s great to rely on second hand clothes - whether that’s clothes you have from a previous child, a friend or a relation who has kept their child’s baby clothes or a rental service. We’d recommend checking out Bundlee, a baby clothes subscription service. 

It’s also a good idea to have a plan in place for when you no longer need the clothes. We recommend putting them in a vacuum bag and storing them away for the next child or giving to charity. 


Even if you just do one of these five things, you are helping!


Must have items to lower waste:

- These quick to put on reusable nappies have great absorbency, are slimline and made from organic cotton.

- Bamboo is antibacterial and anti-fungal so makes the perfect material for reusable cloths to wipe baby’s bum with.


- Heat and thermal shock resistant glass bottles are the way forward. 

- Leak proof, high absorbency knickers will see you through your entire pregnancy, the fourth trimester and your monthly periods.

- Invest in a cot bed that will last for years. 

- Multiple use silicone storage bags - great for breastmilk, food, juice.


- Who says wooden toys need to be bland?


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