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Marion Ringborg joins us for the  second instalment of our Mum Boss interview series. 


We pick her brains on her plans for motherhood, how she feels about the juggle of running a business and being a mum, and the concept behind trending restaurant Garba, Stockholm.

Q. We love the concept of Garba Restaurant, the Menu looks delicious - can you tell us more about where it all started? 


A. Everything fell into place when I moved to London 2015, I was a young chef thriving to perfect my craft. I was inspired by the  variety of food and culture within the city. The idea of mixing culture, art and design with simple yet delicious food came to me - and shortly after Garba was born.


Q. What inspires the Garba Menu?

A. What’s around us, classic cooking, combining Gambian and Italian food. 

Q. The interior of your restaurant is beautiful, the artwork, pops of colour and nods to Parisian elegance. Where does your inspiration come from?

A. It was important to me that I created a happy space that makes people feel at home. I want people to visit Garba and enjoy the beauty in the environment as well as the food.

















Q. We LOVE Scandinavian Fashion, it's effortless, minimal yet-fun approach to classic style. What challenges have you faced whilst dressing during your pregnancy and how have you overcome them?


A. I absolutely love the Scandinavian style. My biggest challenge has been variety - so I've been living in dresses. 

Q. Have you given any thought into the weaning process, what first tastes are you excited for them to try?

A. I can not wait for the weaning process, naturally I hope my child will be a BIG food lover like myself. I'm excited to see the reaction to butter - such an underestimated but tasty ingredient.

Q. Being a mum and author, alongside running Garba Restaurant, how do you intend on remaining organised with work and family life?  


A. I'm actually excited for the juggle! I work hard and often but can be flexible with the hours I put in and have the option to work from home. 


Q. How do you like to spend time for yourself?


A. Yoga & meditation. A good series & snacks. A long walk in the woods with my beautiful dog and best friend Whitney.


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