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We caught up with Model & Photographer Monroe Alverez, - she talks us through the female skate community GRL SWIRL and KoKo Momo her exciting new kidswear brand.

Q. Being a mum alongside a successful career as a Photographer, Model and Co-Founder of GRL SWIRL how do you stay organised with work and family life? 


A. I'm not quite sure I do stay organised! Everyday is a new challenge in terms of balancing everything, but I have taken some time off since having Koa so my workload is very light currently which allows me to be focused on family.



Q. What was the inspiration behind GRL SWIRL? We love the community element the Brand offers.

A. GRLSWIRL was inspired by a shared stoke for skate and the community it creates. We felt like there was a need for a safe space for women in the sport, so we created it.

Q. How do you manage to unwind and spend time for yourself? 

A. I am lucky enough to have a nanny a few days a week for a few hours each day, so during those days I always leave the house and either spend some time working on my own projects or go for a hike/spend some time at the beach.


Q. Has becoming a mum changed the way you approach fashion and the way you dress?

A. I still dress the same, however I am now obsessed with kids clothes! My obsession has lead me to start my own brand called Koko Momo, which I am launching at the end of April - I am starting off with vintage pieces while I work on my own designs.

Q. Has raising Koa taught you any skills that you can use in the workplace?


A. Raising Koa has taught me patience, to not take things personally, and to always show love!

Everyday I am challenged and tested to remember that as difficult as it might be for me, it's just as difficult for this little human to try and communicate something with me without being able to speak. They are incapable of making their own food, water, changing their own diaper, getting to their own bed, etc, so trying to communicate on a daily basis what they need must be frustrating.  Anytime I am challenged by my kid, I go into it with love.  I have taken this lesson into my day to day life by remembering that people are going through their own challenges everyday, so just approach them with love and patience.

Q. What is your key style tip for mums on the go?

A. Jewellery is my go to - putting on some hoop earrings, a ring and some necklaces make me feel nice.

Q. What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by mothers in the workplace?

A. Finding the balance between work and being a mom is really tough.

I am a workaholic, and before I had Koa I was working almost everyday. But now, anytime I am on a shoot away from my kid I feel guilty but then when I take time off I get a little depressed that I am not on set. So for me, it's about finding that balance between the both.

On the flip-side, it must be extremely difficult for  women to return to work before they're ready.

Q. Your Photography is gorgeous, you've a fantastic eye. What has been your favourite shoot to date and why?

A. That's tough! I have so many shoots that are my favourite for many different reasons. I really love this Paper Magazine shoot I did with Greyson Chance because it was just one of those shoots where everything flowed. I was so nervous going into it, and then as the day went on I was pumped about every photo I took - there’s no better feeling than that buzz after a successful shoot.



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