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Lauren Kennedy - Mother, Content Creator and Founder of The Stranded gives us advice on how to embrace the unpredictability of family life and finding the balance between being mum alongside running her successful businesses.

Q. How do you stay organised with work and family life alongside being a mum, building a successful career as a content creator and being a business owner?


A. I think the biggest help to balance life recently has been to create systems in organising my time. Sometimes my “plan” doesn’t work out the way I thought even when I have systems in place, but I think it is so important to not hold too tightly onto the to do because anything can change in an instant in mom life and work life. I think it’s wise to carry a daily schedule with open hands and always have the willingness to pivot aka not panic if something needs to shift. Also, I have learned to be okay with asking for help when needed and know that I can’t do it all. 

Lauren Kennedy.png
Lauren Kennedy.png

Q. Can you tell us more about The Stranded, where it began?


A. It started back in 2015, when I realised there was a lack of non-toxic dry shampoo powder for Brunettes. The search for clean, non-toxic ingredients began, we found a manufacturer and launched shortly after.  A few years later, my business partner and I decided to expand our company.  We decided to rebrand our once "hair-focused" company,  into  a total "clean care company".  The Stranded was relaunched in August 2022 with a new line of products, and more to come.

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Q.  How would you describe your personal style?


A. Casual, neutral, effortless.

Q. What challenges did you face dressing whilst dressing during your pregnancy and how did you overcome them?


A. This was very tough for me. I had a really hard time finding pieces that were my style yet fit my changing body. I felt like I never found things I really loved, so I missed the fun of styling outfits during my pregnancy.

Q. What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by mothers in the workplace?

A.  I have especially felt this recently in the recent relaunch of our clean care company Stranded. The biggest challenge seems to be the mix of feelings in finding the balance –– the real feeling of mom guilt when you ask for help in order to make working possible, the passion of work shifting when you become a mama, and also trying to give my whole heart to my sweet baby and my devotion to work simultaneously. 

Q. What is the most rewarding part of Motherhood?


A. Watching his little personality develop absolutely melts my heart. The way he laughs and smiles and makes eye contact with me gives me a feeling I have never felt. I also just love watching my husband be the most hands on, precious dad! I couldn’t love my boys more.

Q. What is the biggest misconception about Motherhood? Or something that surprised you?

A.  I think the biggest thing that has surprised me is realising how much I didn’t know.. you learn so much every day, and I never could have imagined how much there is to discover! I also realised that you can still live minimally with a little one –– if I buy a new outfit for him, I give one away. Even with toys and developmental objects, you don’t need a lot, and that was relieving to me. I also have seen how true it is that babies truly absorb everything around them, from emotions to products to little experiences!


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